Long-term funds in Asia attract US$72 billion netflows during May-15


In May 2015, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) attracted US$72 billion in net inflows, of which US$51 billion came from new fund launches in China. Mixed funds led with US$45 billion (mainly from China), followed by equity (US$16 billion), bond (US$5 billion), and real estate products (US$2 billion). ‘Other’ funds, including alternative and guaranteed products, together garnered close to US$3 billion this month.

Mixed Flexible was again the top selling category in the region, totalling US$38 billion (mostly from China). Equity and Bond Asia Pacific added US$12 billion and US$5 billion, respectively.

At a product level, China’s newly launched E Fund New Silk Road Hybrid Fund topped the bestselling fund list in Asia collecting US$4.7 billion in net new cash. Two other new Chinese launches, Fullgoal Reform Power Hybrid d and China Post Information Industry Hybrid Fund, gathered US$2 billion each in May.

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