25 Years' Experience

For over 25 years Plan For Life has provided essential independent financial research and reporting on retail and wholesale managed funds, including superannuation, master funds, platforms, annuities, life insurance and risk markets in Australia.

Information we publish is relevant to our clients, gathered and analysed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics. Plan For Life's goal is to deliver superior market intelligence, utilising efficient business intelligence tools to allow our clients to achieve their competitive intelligence needs.

Quality, consistency and accuracy are our focus every single day.

Make Better Decisions

There are many reasons why people use our research, but mainly it's to make better informed product management decisions. Some wish to identify and track competitors in the product landscape and reveal new opportunities.

 Analysts want to easily produce internal and external management reports e.g. board reports, market analysis.  Clients understand our logical drill-down methodology for data mining. Product managers want to develop their product launch strategy and track launch results. Marketing departments want to undertake sales, promotional and public relations activities that can be tracked e.g. media releases.  Sales professionals want to be better informed for sales pitches, identify market opportunities and market intelligence. Senior managers want to discover hidden trends and emerging competitors.

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Data supplied by Plan For Life is obtained by direct data collection methods from over 100 Australian companies.

Plan For Life’s data team communicates regularly with companies in the surveys, undertakes intense data scrutiny and investigates any data anomalies. The data is checked, reconciled and queried if inconsistent with expected results and market trends.

Plan For Life provides independent financial research and innovative data products as primary business objectives. This is the foundation of our reputation and key to business success