Academic planning journal in the pipeline

A new research journal providing peer-reviewed articles on and for the financial planning industry is being set up by Griffith University's Business School and the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

The Financial Planning Research Journal will publish six original academic articles covering a broad range of finance topics and research in an online format once in September and March of every year. A special edition is planned for the annual Personal Finance and Investment Symposium that Griffith University’s Centre for Personal Finance and Superannuation is running later in 2015.

Topics will include personal finance and investment disciplines: economics, finance, management, accounting, marketing and law. 

The journal is another encouraging step forward for the financial planning community in Australia to gaining greater respect as a profession. An academic journal that helps to dissect, discuss and review important elements of the industry is being warmly welcomed by the industry. 

Griffith University is a major contributor to the financial planning industry in Australia. The FPA wants to promote financial planning however possible, as they do with a variety of grants, awards and the Symposium.

The first issue (not yet published) and a Twitter feed with updates and news can be viewed at the Griffith University website.