Direct investment platforms from BT and Aon Hewitt

In a new trend aimed at investors who are without the time, experience – or desire – to run their own investment portfolios, fund managers are now offering direct investment platforms to fill the gap. 

BT’s new online investment platform enables consumers to buy into a selection of portfolios and exchange traded funds. Consumers can match their financial goals to the portfolio or portfolios of their choice, with a minimum of $10,000 required to enter Go-Invest.

Catering to the more tech savvy, the platform can be accessed through mobiles and tablets, viewing portfolio progress at any point and making changes as they see fit.

Aon Hewitt has launched their own version of the direct investment option that deals purely with superannuation balances of members, providing online access to ASX200 shares, ETFs and term deposits, and market research to help guide decisions.

This super fund trend is providing some competition to self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), with super funds having seen an exodus of members in recent years because they don’t offer as much control over investments as an SMSF does. The platform was set up in partnership with Lonsec.