Total Risk Market Inflows up 2.4% over the year from $15.8bn to $16.2bn

Inflows into the Lump Sum sub-market grew by 2.9% with mixed company-level results.  Among the market leaders, BT / Westpac (7.5%) and TAL (7.2%) experienced the highest percentage increases in their Inflows, while Zurich jumped 63.7% largely due to their acquisition of Macquarie Life.

Risk Income Inflows similarly increased 2.6% over the past year.  Among the better performers in percentage terms were TAL (13.2%) and AIA (10.1%).

Overall Group Risk Premium Inflows experienced minimal growth over the past year, up only 1.8%.  Of the larger companies, MetLife (14.1%), TAL (10.6%) and AIA (7.1%) recorded well above-average percentage increases in their annual Group Risk Inflows.  It should be noted that part of the growth for all three of these companies was due to being awarded significant super fund insurance mandates during the year.

Source:  Strategic Insight (Plan For Life)

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