January 2019 Key Report Trends - US Monthly Fund Highlights - January 2019

01 PFL 2017 US Monthly Fund Highlights.png

Long-term active funds saw a drastic improvement in flow activity compared to December 2018. Net deposits totalled US$12.3 billion in January after record-setting outflows of US$171.4 billion in December.

Passively-managed funds continued to experience net inflows during January at US$19.8 billion, though this was a decrease from US$56.7 billion seen during December.  Mutual funds were the leading inflow vehicle for the month, garnering US$25.2 billion against outflows of US$5.4 billion from ETFs. This was a significant turnaround from December, when ETFs brought in net commitments of US$45.3 billion compared to US$11.5 billion for mutual funds.

Taxable Bond experienced the highest aggregate flows in January across both active and passive funds, bringing in a collective US$31.4 billion.

Money Market fund flows remained positive in January but at a drastically lower rate than December. They experienced net inflows of US$1.5 billion in January and US$60.0 billion in the previous month. Prime Money Market funds were the leading segment for the month at US$30.3 billion.

January’s case study focuses on recent activity within Short Government bond funds. Case studies will return in April with our March data and will be an ongoing quarterly feature.