Asia Fund Insight: 2018 Recap and Five-year Outlook

• Asia Leads Long-term Fund Net Flows Globally in 2018

• AUM Expected to Surpass US$6.4 Trillion by 2023

Despite the sharp decline of stock markets across the region—and particularly in China during 2018— Asia led the way in terms of new sales, accounting for roughly 55% of global net flows in 2018. Locally domiciled equity, mixed, bond, and other long-term mutual funds and ETFs in Asia attracted almost US$300 billion in net flows over the past year, which more than doubled 2017’s full-year result.

Fueled by strong institutional demand, locally domiciled Asian ETF net flows set a new record in 2018, surpassing US$134 billion and more than doubling the prior year’s amount. ETF assets under management (AUM) also grew 14% over the past year to reach a record high of US$475 billion as of year-end 2018.

This report delves into the current picture of the mutual fund industry in Asia and looks forward into the next five years to project where the business will trend. Our forecasts reflect four different scenarios for economic and financial market developments in the medium-term.