Asia sees greatest demand - Global FlowWatch - March 2018 Results

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Globally, nearly US$450 billion was invested into funds during Q1-18. European and Crossborder segments contributed US$190 billion with significant demand from active funds, while the US contributed nearly US$118 billion, primarily attributed to passive investments. For the month of March, Asia experienced the greatest investor demand as a region with US$27 billion in flows in aggregate and Japan as the best-selling market.

From a category perspective, sans US domiciled funds, Asia Pacific, as a theme, experienced continued demand across equity and bond strategies in March (US$45 billion) and throughout Q1 (US$100 billion). AsiaPac Equity benefited from strong demand in Japan for ETFs from Nomura and Daiwa.

Globally, Vanguard, was the best-selling manager with US$21 billion followed by Nomura with US$8 billion. Both firms benefited from their passive fund ranges. New fund launches accounted for US$26 billion in flows for March with Maxwealth FMC as the best-selling manager.