Equity Japan collects over US$14bn in inflows - Global ETF FlowWatch - March 2018 Results

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Worldwide ETFs recorded US$19 billion in net flows during March 2018. Equity ETFs led with US$12 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity ETFs gathering US$4 billion and US$3 billion, respectively. ETFs assets climbed to US$4.888 trillion globally.

In the U.S., equity products suffered US$11 billion in net redemptions amid market volatility. On the other hand, bond products accumulated US$4 billion of inflows while commodity products took in over US$1 billion in net flows.

ETFs in Europe added a modest US$1 billion in net new cash, bringing total ETF assets to US$818 billion as of March 2018 in the region. Asia amassed US$20 billion of net flows, doubling the amount of the month prior, mostly attributed to Equity Japan collecting over US$14 billion of inflows.

Barclays launched two new ETNs in March, Barclays ETN+ FI Enh Gl HiYld ETN Srs B and Barclays ETN+ FI Enh Europe 50 ETN Srs C, collecting nearly US$1.5 billion and US$448 million, respectively. Both ETNs are domiciled in the USA and designed to target two times the performance of their respective underlying indices.