Largest ETF inflows ever - Global ETF FlowWatch - January 2018 Results

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Worldwide ETFs surged in January 2018, amassing the largest inflows ever recorded to the tune of US$98 billion amid the robust expansion of the U.S. stock markets. Driven by the strong annual flows, the global ETF AUM surpassed US$5.1 trillion in assets.

In the U.S., equity ETFs attracted US$59 billion of inflows, while bond products gathered US$9 billion in net new cash. Equity US – Large Cap led with nearly US$28 billion of inflows. SPDR S&P 500 ETF, a product that tracks S&P, alone accounted for US$13.2 billion in net new money.

ETFs in Europe garnered over US$18 billion of inflows, mainly driven by equity products amassing US$16 billion in net flows. European bond products only saw a modest US$2 billion in net flows. ETFs in Asia recorded US$7 billion of net flows mostly attributed to Equity Japan collecting nearly US$5.6 billion of inflows.

Amundi MSCI World Energy UCITS ETF - EUR (C) was the largest ETF new launch in January, accumulating US$229 million in net new money. The ETF is benchmarked to the MSCI World Energy Index in Euros and is domiciled in Luxembourg. During January, Amundi launched 11 new ETFs.