Accountants are still our favourites: Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2017 results

The usual suspects were at the top of Roy Morgan's Image of Professions Survey list again this year, which measures Australians' perception of the ethical and moral standards of various professions. Nurses are leading the way at 94 per cent (up two per cent on 2016), followed by doctors with 89 per cent (up three per cent) and pharmacists on 84 per cent (down two per cent).

At the bottom of the list were car salesmen on four per cent (unchanged), those in advertising on five per cent (down four per cent), and real estate agents on seven per cent (down three per cent). 

When it comes to the finance industry, key findings were:

  • Accountants were ranked highest in the finance industry and eleventh overall, even with a one per cent decrease to 50 per cent of the confidence vote. Accountants have been the preferred finance profession for 26 years.
  • Bank managers came an industry second and sixteenth overall with 33 per cent, after improving their rating by three percent. 
  • Financial planners were industry third and eighteenth overall, down two per cent on last year with a total vote of 25 per cent.
  • Stockbrokers came an industry fourth and twenty-sixth overall with 11 per cent, after decreasing by three per cent. 
  • Insurance brokers were industry fifth and twenty-seventh overall, down one per cent from last year at 10 per cent. 

The Roy Morgan telephone survey was conducted in May 2017, and included 648 Australian men and women aged 14 and over.