Australian super system fourth largest globally

Australia's superannuation system is now just ahead of Canada's, in fourth place with $2.1 trillion in funds. 

Willis Towers Watson's Global Pension Assets Study for 2017 showed that we had edged over Canada's system by just eight hundred million. Out of the 22 countries surveyed, Australia had the second-largest allocation to growth assets, behind the United States, with both Australia and the US with almost half of all pension assets in shares. Most equities held within Australian superannuation are domestic. 

Other findings of the study include:

  • The US is the largest pension market by assets - the the UK, Japan, then Australia
  • The ratio of total pension assets to GDP was 62 per cent
  • The highest pension assets to GDP was in the Netherlands (168 per cent), Australia (126 per cent), Switzerland (123 per cent), US (121 per cent), and the UK (108 per cent), with China the lowest (1.2 per cent)

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