Fintech data feed grant for emerging companies

InvestmentLink, an independent financial data source, has set up a grant to support selected fintech start-ups to access a financial account and investment data feed free for 18 months. The feed includes 500 live accounts, and the grant includes access to test accounts and the  InvestmentLink API.

InvestmentLink collects data from over 600 funds, platforms, wraps and other accounts, and is used by over 12,000 financial advisers and 200 dealer groups. The platform itself holds over 4.4 million client accounts with over $40 billion in funds under management. 

Once those with the grant hit 500 live accounts, they have no monthly fees, no minimum numbers of accounts, and an unlimited number of ILRT accounts and institutions for only $1.50 per client per month. The deal also includes an unlimited number of accounts and institutions on CashDesk from $3 per client per month, with conditions.