Health & Wellness and Longevity Cover Awards



Guest Panel Discussion: “The Health Life Journey”

Olly Bridge,  Head of Digital Health & Wellbeing. MEDIBANK

Olly Bridge, Head of Digital Health & Wellbeing. MEDIBANK

Dr Brandon Carp,  Co-founder UHG

Dr Brandon Carp, Co-founder UHG

Ash Rosshandler,  CEO Goodcompany

Ash Rosshandler, CEO Goodcompany

Health & Wellness Awards

2nd Annual Health & Wellness Awards 2019

The Life Insurance Health and Wellness Awards recognise Life Insurance company programs designed to impact beneficially on the health and wellness of customers. It’s a mutually beneficial outcome for policy holders and for Life companies that follow a customer-focused approach. We have developed a methodology to compare “Health and Wellness” initiatives. The pinnacle of this research is the Life Insurance Health & Wellness Awards.

Health & Wellness Award categories include:

  1. Overall Excellence

  2. Devices & Health Tracking

  3. Discounts & Healthy Living Rewards

  4. Physical & Mental Health Support

  5. Ongoing Medical-Tested Health Discount

  6. Rehabilitation & Claims Support

  7. Outcomes Experience

  8. Innovation


Through an industry consultation process with Life Companies and Advisers, using a proprietary holistic benchmarking process covering 7 key factors: (1) Devices, Tracking & Reward Conditions, (2) Premium Discounts & Healthy Living Rewards (3) Physical & Mental Health Support (4) Rehabilitation & Claims Support (5) Long-Term Medically-tested Health Discounts (6) Participation Conditions, and (7) Outcomes Experience showing the effectiveness of programs based on sales, retention, claims metrics and other related data. More details on underlying factors.

Past Events

Longevity Cover Awards

Introducing the inaugural Longevity Cover Awards 2019

During the last 5 years there has been increased focus by Australian life companies and fund managers in designing products to assist retirees in meeting the challenges of longevity. Longevity in this context simply means ‘life expectancy’. Products currently on offer to retirees, specifically designed to meet some part of longevity risk, can be defined as “Longevity Cover”.

To highlight the importance of Longevity Cover, especially to advisers and dealer groups, and to raise market awareness for retirees of the range of products available, we are launching new benchmarking research and annual awards recognising excellence and best practice by providers of Longevity Cover, including product offers that are specifically designed to meet some part of retiree longevity risk, in particular annuities, guaranteed pensions, allocated pensions, investment bonds and other investments.

Longevity Cover Award categories include:

  1. Longevity Product - Non-Investment Linked

  2. Longevity Product - Multiple Annuity Portfolio

  3. Longevity Product - Investment Linked

  4. Innovation - Medium Term Product

  5. Tools & Calculators

  6. Client & Adviser Technical Support

  7. Overall Longevity Provider of the Year