White Paper: Solving for Guaranteed Income in Retirement Portfolios with Lifetime Annuities

Strategic Insight, Actuaries & Researchers has released a white paper on the topic of “Solving for Guaranteed Income in Retirement Portfolios with Lifetime Annuities.”

The white paper examines the key features of Lifetime Annuities and provides examples of how lifetime annuities can increase guaranteed income in retirement portfolios.

Lifetime Annuities have always played an indispensable part of the Australian Annuity Market, with significant recent sales growth resulting in their comprising 22% of the $4.04 billion of new annuity business in 2018.

Simon Solomon, Actuary & Founder said, “As Actuaries & Researchers, we believe that it is important to express our view on lifetime annuities, namely that in an uncertain world, lifetime annuities have the capability to introduce improved elements of certainty, reduced volatility and additional longevity into portfolios, and for these reasons should be given serious consideration as integral parts of retirement portfolios”.

Download the media release

Strategic Insight will be distributing the white paper widely across the industry to advisers and dealer groups and seeking feedback from interested parties. Get the white paper here