Platforms Increase $72.6bn in FUM over the year to March 2017

Masterfunds ended the year to March 2017 up 10.8% to total $748.0bn; during the March quarter alone they rose $15.9bn, or 2.2%.  Over 80% of the annual increase was due to good performances on Australian and overseas markets that subsequently have continued to hold up reasonably well with a circa 2% slip in the Australian share market offset by increases recorded in other markets.

Annual Inflows into Masterfunds of $148.6bn increased 12.5% on the previous year's $132.1bn while corresponding Outflows jumped even more up by 18.6% from $111.7bn to $132.5bn and as a result there was a further 20.7% drop in Net Fund Flows from $20.4bn to $16.2bn; Net Fund Flows now are half the record levels recorded 3 years ago.

Source:  Strategic Insight (Plan For Life)

Download Media Release (PDF):  SI PFL Media Release Platform Wrap 317