Almost halfway - CFA exam-takers almost half women

A global association of investment professionals, CFA Societies Australia, has announced that gender parity in exams is now near to 50 per cent male and female. New candidates sitting for exams in December 2016 saw 46 per cent women and 54 per cent men. 

Data has consistently demonstrated lower-than-desirable levels of women in the investment sphere, despite strong evidence that female-led investment teams do very well. 

A 2016 survey by the CFA Institute (Gender Diversity in Investment Management Survey) was one of the largest to date on gender diversity in the investment management industry. CFA now offers incentives and tools to women, including scholarships, to break down financial barriers to education. The Institute is also putting on events to develop awareness, while providing practical support for women to overcoming gender disparity at work and at home. 

CFA Societies of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are non-profit associations of over 2,500 investment professionals.