Perpetual survey - advisers want more face-time with clients

Advisers want to spend more time with clients, not on admin, a Perpetual survey has found. The survey asked 200 advisers about their time usage at work.

Key findings include:

  • More than half the advisers surveyed wanted to spend more time with their clients (60 per cent)
  • A successful practice is developed through maximising time with clients, 31 per cent believed
  • Advisers spend over 30 hours a week on client business, but only nine hours in person with clients
  • Client-related admin thwarts face-to-face meeting time
  • Over 50 per cent of clients surveyed said that meeting with their adviser gave them more confidence, with 80 per cent of advisers believing this to be true
  • Advisers are spending up to 10 hours per week preparing Statement of Advice (SoA) documents and other administrative tasks, six hours on the phone or email to clients, and four hours in client meetings
  • Each adviser saw an average of 7.5 clients each week
  • Advisers in fast-growing practices see an average of 14 clients per week