New long-term mutual fund and ETF investments US$15.2bn - US fund monthly highlights - April 2016

Net new investment to long-term mutual funds and ETFs totalled US$15.2 billion in April. Bond funds captured US$27.4 billion of net inflows. Equity funds experienced net redemptions of $12.2 billion.

Active US and International/Global Equity funds saw outflows in April totalling US$26.5 billion, while index Equity added new investment totaling US$14.3 billion. Net outflows from active funds were driven by redemptions from large capitalization growth-oriented strategies. Passive US and Foreign Large Blend were inflow segments of the market in April.

Among Bond funds, active and passive strategies attracted new investment totalling US$17.6 billion and US$9.7 billion, respectively. Top-inflow objectives in the space included Corporate Bond General (US+$10.2 billion), Corporate Intermediate Maturity (US+$6.6 billion), and Corporate High Quality (US+$1.1 billion).

Net redemptions from Money-Market funds during the month totalled US$35.8 billion.