$6.1bn Decrease in Wholesale Funds during March Quarter 2018

Overall Wholesale Funds at the end of March totalled $1,098.9bn.  Year on year a combination of positive underlying investment earnings together with lower Outflows and consequent increased net Inflows drove the Wholesale Funds market higher by circa 7%.  Note the balance of the headline 14.9% annual growth rate shown in the table below is due to the inclusion of over $71bn of previously unreported Institutional Wholesale business by Vanguard Investments for which we only have two quarters of history at this stage.

All of the Wholesale sub-markets ended the last twelve months higher with both of the main Wholesale Institutional (adjusted for Vanguard inclusion) and Wholesale Investment markets up by 7.5% while the much smaller Wholesale Super & Pensions market also increased but by a more modest 3.1%.  Most of the leading managers reported growth in their Wholesale business led in percentage terms by Vanguard of course along with AMP, State Street, Challenger and BlackRock.

Source:  Strategic Insight (Plan For Life)

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