Total Risk Market Inflows up 2.1% over the year from $15.6bn to $15.9bn

Inflows into the Lump Sum sub-market grew by 3.1% with most companies reporting at least some increase in business.  Among the market leaders, BT / Westpac (8.5%) and TAL (7.4%) experienced the highest percentage increases in their Inflows, while Zurich jumped 65.6% largely due to their acquisition of Macquarie Life.

Risk Income Inflows increased 4.6% over the past year.  Among the better performers in percentage terms were AIA (15.0%), TAL (14.0%) and OnePath (5.8%).

Overall Group Risk Premium Inflows were almost unchanged compared to the previous year.  Of the larger companies, MetLife (10.3%), MLC (7.6%) and AIA (3.9%) recorded well above-average percentage increases in their annual Group Risk Inflows.  It should be noted that part of MetLife’s growth was due to being awarded a significant super fund insurance mandate that was previously held by CommInsure.

Source:  Strategic Insight (Plan For Life)

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