$19.6bn Growth in Retail Managed Funds during December Quarter 2016

Retail Managed Funds ended 2016 on a positive note, up 2.5% during the December quarter.  The 2016 calendar year saw total Retail funds under management increasing by 6.1% to $812.2bn.

Most of this growth was as a result of positive investment earnings on underlying markets that are still underpinned by the continuation of the unprecedented worldwide low interest rate environment.  All of the major companies reported increases in their Retail funds under management with some of the better performances recorded by AMP (7.7%), Macquarie (7.6%), Commonwealth / Colonial (6.0%) and BT (5.3%).  Meanwhile a couple of the mid-sized players netwealth (30.6%) and Mercer (10.2%) managed to chalk up significant double digit growth rates during 2016.

Source: Strategic Insight (Plan For Life)

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