New Zealand Retail Managed Funds climb $2.5bn during December Quarter 2014.

New Zealand Retail Managed Funds grew by 4.3% during the December 2014 quarter to $59.4bn. Over the whole of the 2014 they jumped 17.8% propelled by significant fund flows into both of the two main Kiwi Saver and Unit Trusts & Managed Funds sub-markets as well as buoyant, if at times understandably somewhat nervous and wobbly, underlying investment markets that in turn were supported by the continued unprecedented stimulatory low interest rate policies of governments around the globe. Russell Investment Management (76.6%), Kiwi Wealth (58.4%), Milford Asset Management (52.7%), Grosvenor (24.0%), BT / Westpac (23.4%) and ASB Group Investments (20.6%) reported 20% plus percentage increases in their Retail funds under management.


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