Why did progress on economic equality slow this quarter?

According to the latest quarterly data from Financy Women’s Index, Australian women are still a full generation - 45 years - from achieving financial equality.

While the Index showed an increase of 0.5 points in the June quarter, it’s not our best work, which was the 2017-2018 financial year where the Index rose by 7.5 points.

Key metrics from the Financy Women’s Index June Quarter

  • Women in Australia now have 123.9 points, up from the March results of 123.4 points (the target is 172 points)

  • Female full-time employment didn’t see much growth

  • There was no movement on female board appointments (women held 29.7 per cent of ASX 200 board positions in June, unchanged from December)

  • The superannuation gender gap is lower than ever (now 28 per cent from 34 per cent in the 205-16 financial year, largely driven by women’s greater participation in the workforce)

  • Women are still doing the lion’s share of unpaid work, with a minute decline, and virtually no change over the past decade

  • Tertiary gender stereotypes continue, with information technology dominated by males and health dominated by females

  • Women are 45 years from economic equality in Australia

The Financy Women’s Index is an initiative to help women reach their economic potential, and is reviewed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and an advisory committee of high profile economists and business leaders.