ETF assets hit US5.3tn - Global ETF FlowWatch - March 2019 Results

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Worldwide ETFs recorded US$32 billion in net flows during March 2019. Bond ETFs led with US$19 billion in net new money, followed by Equity ETFs accumulating US$14 billion in net flows.

Meanwhile, commodity ETFs suffered net redemptions of US$2 billion. Global ETF assets rose to US$5.383 trillion as of March 2019.

In the U.S., Equity ETFs gathered nearly US$14 billion in net flows, while commodity ETFs products experienced modest net redemptions of US$0.4 billion. Bond ETFs surged with nearly US$10 billion in net flows, mainly pushed by Bond USD-Short Term and Bond USD – High Yield amassing nearly US$5.1 billion and US$2.9 billion, respectively.  Notably, equity ETFs focused on the sectors consisting of industrial materials, consumer goods & services, and financial services suffered net redemptions of nearly US$4 billion in total.

ETFs in Europe took in a moderate US$6 billion of net new money, mainly driven by nearly US$7 billion of net flows into bond ETF products. Meanwhile, equity ETF products in Europe saw net outflows of nearly US$1 billion. ETFs in Asia remained flat with US$0.6 billion in net new money. As of March 2019, ETF assets in Europe and Asia climbed to US$852 billion and US$558 billion, respectively.

Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Eq ETF was the largest ETF new launch in March, attracting US$872 million in net flows. The ETF is an addition to Deutsche AWM’s ESG lineup and tracks the MSCI USA ESG Leaders Index. The ETF is domiciled in the U.S and is traded on the NYSE under the ticker USSG.