ETFs take in US$45bn - Global ETF FlowWatch - February 2019 Results

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Worldwide ETFs recorded US$45 billion in net flows during February 2019 amid recovery of the global stock markets. Equity ETFs led with US$28 billion in net new money, followed by bond ETF products accumulating US$17 billion in net flows. Meanwhile, commodity ETF products suffered net redemptions of nearly US$1 billion. ETF assets climbed to US$5.321 trillion at the end of February 2019.

In the U.S., equity ETFs garnered $14 billion of net flows during February, while bond products gathered US$9 billion in net new money. On the other hand, commodity ETF products experienced net redemptions of nearly US$1.7 billion. At the category level, Equity US – Large Cap and Bond North America attracted the most net flows of US$8 billion and US$7.5 billion, respectively.

ETFs in Europe accumulated US$17 billion in net new money due to robust inflows of US$9 billion in equity ETF products and US$6 billion into bond ETF products. ETF assets in Europe rose to US$844 billion at the end of February 2019. ETFs in Asia took in a moderate US$5 billion of net new money, mainly driven by net deposits of US$3 billion in Equity Japan.

Franklin FTSE U.S. Index ETF was the largest ETF new launch in February, accumulating US$204 million in net new cash. The ETF is benchmarked to the FTSE U.S. Index and is traded under the ticker FLAM. It is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and also one of the four FTSE benchmarked ETFs launched by Franklin Templeton in February.