Public won't pay $2,000 upfront for life insurance advice, Zurich survey says

Zurich has published research that looks into how much people will pay for life insurance advice, with the take-home being that consumers are unwilling to be out of pocket.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 consumers with the help of Rice Warner.

The Risk Advice Disconnect whitepaper shows:

  • Just eight per cent of consumers will pay more than $1,000 up front for life insurance advice

  • About 30 per cent say they do not want to pay at all

  • Nobody surveyed would be willing to pay over $2,000

  • Out of the advisers in the study, two-thirds charged over $2,000 for life insurance advice

  • The main constraint is financial and coincides with major life events that are expensive (babies, mortgages)

Read the full media release at Zurich’s website.