US Monthly Fund Highlights Report: August 2018

Outflows from active long-term funds increased during August, reaching US$20.0 billion compared to US$9.0 billion during July.

01 PFL 2017 US Monthly Fund Highlights.png

Aggregate net deposits into passive funds were down slightly from July, sliding to US$33.1 billion from US$38.3 billion last month. Index exchange-traded product net flows remained effectively the same across both months at US$23.0 billion. Passive mutual fund inflows declined to US$10.0 billion in August from US$15.3 billion in July.

Net deposits into passive fixed-income funds approached US$100 billion during the year-to-date period through August, fueled almost entirely by Taxable Bond funds ($96.9 billion). Bond funds also remained the top inflow-gathering segment among active funds during the period at US$92.5 billion.

Money Market fund flows have experienced extensive month-to-month volatility. They grew substantially in August to US$29.7 billion from US$10.1 billion in July. Taxable Money Market funds led monthly net deposits at US$24.3 billion. Government funds experienced the largest rebound with net deposits of US$6.6 billion in August after net redemptions of US$8.2 billion in July.