Study: young people more interested than anyone in impact investing

Global asset manager with an Australian base, American Century Investments, published the results of its research into the public's feelings about investments.

Millennials, it seems, are leading the way when it comes to impact investing, with a high percentage of interest in this type of investing. Other groups followed reasonably closely behind, but young people are ahead of the pack when it comes to interest in both financial and social rewards from investing. 

Key findings:

  • The appeal of impact investing reached 49 per cent in 2018, up 11 points from 2016
  • Impact investing appealed to 56 per cent of millennials, 52 per cent of generation X, and 44 per cent of baby boomers
  • Those who consider investment returns to be 'somewhat or very important' increased by five points on the last survey to hit 86 per cent in 2018
  • Sixty per cent of millennials surveyed that 'impact on society' was a consideration when making investment decisions