CommInsure product updates

Updates to the CommInsure product suite include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Changes made to 17 trauma and life definitions

  • Trauma buy back/plus has been renamed to Trauma Reinstatement benefit and Trauma Reinstatement Booster option

  • Clarifications made to when the Financial Planning benefit is paid and how it works

  • The pension payment option has been removed for terminal illness

  • The advance payment benefit for life and trauma has been clarified

  • Two total and permanent disability definitions updated (Loss of Independent Existence, and Activities of Daily Living)

  • Income protection assessment period for capability clause clarified

  • The survival period for Permanent Disablement Cover option has been removed and the assessment period for a work-ending condition has been increased to 36 months

  • Improvements made to the Reduced Waiting Period benefit

  • Suicide and misconduct exclusions have seen changes

  • Redundant mental illness definition deleted

  • New PDS published