2017 saw hundreds of billions increases to deposits over 2016 - US Monthly Fund Highlights - December 2017 Report

01 PFL 2017 US Monthly Fund Highlights.png

Long-term mutual funds and ETPs experienced net deposits of US$652.1 billion throughout 2017, a significant increase over the US$174.0 billion experienced during 2016. Active strategies remained in net outflows in 2017 at US$27.4 billion, but this was a drastic improvement over the US$308.5 billion in net redemptions seen in 2016. Passive funds experienced net deposits of US$679.5 billion in 2017, compared to US$482.4 billion in 2016.

Taxable Bond funds led net inflows across 2017 at US$398.7 billion, more than double the net flows that the fund type experienced in 2016 (US$197.2 billion). Passive funds led net new flows among Taxable Bond Funds during 2017 at US$205.1 billion, while active Taxable Bond funds were close behind at US$193.7 billion. Tax-Free Bond funds experienced net deposits of US$32.4 billion, a slight increase over the US$30.5 billion seen in 2016.

Equity fund flows rebounded substantially in 2017 to net deposits of US$220.9 billion, up from US$53.8 billion in net redemptions in 2016. International Equity funds led this increase at US$226.2 billion in net inflows after experiencing US$21.4 billion in outflows in 2016. US Equity fund saw outflows across both 2017 (US$5.3 billion) and 2016 (US$32.4 billion), but at a significantly reduced level in 2017.

PIMCO Income was the top inflow-gathering active long-term mutual fund of 2017 at US$35.3 billion, more than double its 2016 net deposits of US$16.7 billion. Prudential Total Return Bond was the second highest inflow-gathering active mutual fund of 2017 at US$9.5 billion.