Investment pros wax on geopolitical risk

A survey asking investment professionals their thoughts on current risks have overwhelmingly said that geopolitical risks are going to have a negative impact on the industry. The 1500-large survey was conducted by the CFA Institute, a global investment professionals' association. 

Key findings:

  • Most respondents believe a changing global geopolitical environment will compromise investment returns over the next 3-5 years
  • Long-term geopolitical risks named were Brexit, President Trump, French election, EU fragmentation
  • Changes in investment strategy have not been initiated by most, despite negative outlooks
  • British investors are most worried about Brexit, with London being the biggest Brexit 'loser'; Brexit winners are considered to be Frankfurt, Dublin, New York and Paris
  • Almost three-quarters of respondents from continental EU countries said they expect their firms to reduce their presence in the UK
  • It is expected that Brexit will encourage further exits from the EU