Long-term mutual funds steady - Global FlowWatch - January 2017 Results

Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted US$124 billion in net flows during January 2017. Bond products led all major asset classes by gathering US$66 billion in net new cash, followed by equity funds with US$32 billion. Mixed asset products garnered about US$16 billion while, ‘other’ vehicles, which includes absolute return, commodities, guaranteed, real estate and other alternative funds, added another US$11 billion in net subscriptions.

At the regional level, the U.S. took in the most amount of net new cash, totalling US$49 billion during the month. Cross-border and local Europe followed with about US$34 billion and US$20 billion, respectively, while local Asia and Canada gathered a collective US$22 billion in net deposits. Meanwhile, Latin America was the only region to experience aggregate net outflows during the month, with roughly US$1 billion in net redemptions.