Only half of workers projected to be 'ready' for retirement - CommBank report

CommBank's Retire Ready Index report offers insights into Australians and their retirement. 

Key findings:

  • Fifty-three per cent of households expect to have enough for a comfortable retirement from combined superannuation savings, the age pension, and their personal assets. 
  • Another 18 per cent are projected to have 80 - 99 per cent of what they need. 
  • After removing the age pension, only 17 per cent of households can afford a comfortable retirement
  • When only superannuation is taken into account, this is reduced to just six per cent
  • Millennials will need to save harder, due to longer life expectancy
  • Those in the  60-64 age bracket are expected to be better off than singles, but have missed out on compulsory contributions for some of their working life
  • Younger generations are expected to have less in assets at retirement
  • More men than women have enough for a comfortable retirement

The Index is an analysis of the retirement savings and resultant retirement incomes of Australia's working population, examining how many people will have a comfortable retirement. It uses data from over 10 million member superannuation accounts and data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

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