Net flows see record high despite Brexit and Trump - Global ETF FlowWatch - December 2016 Results

Despite surprising results of Brexit and the U.S. presidential election during 2016, net flows into ETF products globally surged to a record high of US$387 billion over the past year (US$63 billion in December 2016), a slight increase of US$17 billion from 2015’s result.

The U.S. again led with nearly three-quarters of the total flows or US$272 billion, which was followed by Europe and Asia at US$56 billion and US$46 billion, respectively. Canada ETF flows totalled US$12 billion, while Australia took in a moderate US$2 billion. Latin America, however, suffered US$1 billion in net redemptions during 2016.

Driven by the highest annual inflows and positive market returns over the past year, the global ETF AUM also reached a new record of US$3.52 trillion as of year-end 2016.