ETF inflows up US$7bn - Global ETF FlowWatch - August 2017 Results

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ETF net flows worldwide recorded US$47 billion in net flows during August 2017, a slight increase of US$7 billion from the previous month. Equity ETFs led with US$29 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity ETFs garnering US$12 billion and US$6 billion, respectively. ETF assets continued to rise and stood at US$4.339 trillion globally.

In the U.S., equity ETFs recorded $16 billion of net flows, while bond products gathered US$9 billion in net new cash. Equity US – Large Cap and Equity Global – Large Cap attracted the most net subscriptions, totalling a combined US$16.6 billion for the month. Commodity ETFs (mostly Gold and Alt-Volatility products) took in a moderate US$4 billion.

ETFs in Europe gathered US$4 billion of net flows in August. Notably, bond ETFs saw inflows of more than US$2.5 billion, followed by equity ETFs with nearly US$1 billion in net subscriptions. ETFs in Asia garnered US$11 billion of inflows mostly attributed to Equity Japan collecting US$8.3 billion in net new cash.

Transamerica, part of Aegon Group, launched four new ETFs, totalling US$793 million in net new money. The ETFs are part of their DeltaShares line-up, tracks the S&P Managed Risk 2.0 Index Series and are currently listed on the NYSE.