US$87bn net flows - Global FlowWatch July 2016 Results

Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted US$87 billion in net flows during July, over three times higher than the June result. Bond products led the way for the fifth month in a row by gathering approximately US$82 billion in net subscriptions.

Mixed and 'other' vehicles followed with $18 billion and US$11 billion in net new investor money, respectively. On the contrary, equity vehicles suffered US$25 billion in net redemptions during the month, making it the fourth consecutive month of net outflows since March 2016.

At the regional level, the U.S. and International/Cross-border regions attracted a similar aggregate of net flows accumulating nearly US$28 billion each. Asia, Local Europe, and Canada added about US$32 billion combined, while Latin America saw moderate net outflows of roughly US$2 billion for the month.