Who is looking to buy insurance (and who is not)

Recent data shows that white collar workers are looking for life insurance in far greater numbers than blue collar workers.

Information gathered from 10,000 visitors to the CANSTAR ratings website who used the life insurance comparison tools showed that 25 per cent were white collar professionals, 21 per cent were white collar executives, and 14.5 per cent were in clerical roles. Less than 10 per cent of these users identified themselves as blue collar or in a blue collar occupation. 

How much were they looking for?

  • Around 75 per cent were seeking 'robust' levels of cover
  • Over 40 per cent of searches for were for a sum insured of one million
  • About 18 per cent were looking for $1.5 million
  • Sixteen per cent were after $750,000

Types of insurance sought

  • Income protection - 52 per cent
  • Term life - 27 per cent
  • Total and permanent disability - 12 per cent
  • Trauma - 9 per cent

Ages of insurance seekers

Most people using these searches were aged between 35 and 45. A third of all searches come specifically from people aged 35, 40, and 45. 

Awards for best products

CANSTAR hands out awards for insurance providers, and has declared ClearView and OnePath the two national winners of the overall CANSTAR Outstanding Value - Life Insurance Australia Award. 

  • Term Life: MLC Insurance and Zurich Australia
  • TPD: Zurich Australia and ClearView
  • Trauma: OnePath and AIA Australia
  • Income Protection: TAL and ClearView
  • Packaged: OnePath and MLC Insuranc