Bonds ruling on inflows in Asia too - Asia FlowWatch - July 2016 Results

During July 2016, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw net inflows of US$15 billion. Bond funds led with US$12 billion, followed by real estate products (US$2.1 billion), mixed funds (US$2 billion),and guaranteed vehicles (US$1.7 billion), also ‘other’ programs added close to US$1.2 billion, whereas equity funds experienced US$3.8 billion in net redemptions for the month.

Bond Asia Pacific was the top selling investment category, raising US$12 billion across Asian markets, while Real Estate Equity (mainly in Japan) and Guaranteed/Protected (mostly from China) funds garnered roughly US$2 billion each in net new money. By comparison, Equity Asia Pacific products suffered net outflows of over US$2 billion in July.

At the product level, China Universal CSI Shanghai SOEs Index ETF topped this month’s best-selling fund list, accumulating US$2.2 billion in net flows. The fund was also the largest ETF new launch in July, which tracks CSI Shanghai State-Owned Enterprises Index. Another July new launch in China, the actively managed BOC Seasonal Return 3-Month Interval Bond fund, collected US$0.8 billion in net new money over the month.