ETF assets surpass US$3.1tn globally - Global ETF FlowWatch June 2016

Worldwide ETFs recorded US$36 billion in net flows during June 2016 despite uncertainty concerning the U.K.’s referendum to leave the European Union. Equity ETFs led with US$17 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold funds) products garnering US$11 billion and US$8 billion, respectively. ETF assets surpassed US$3.1 trillion globally.

In the U.S., equity ETFs gathered US$9 billion of inflows, and bond products also accumulated US$8 billion in net new cash. SPDR Gold Shares ETF, a commodity – precious metal product, topped the U.S. ETFs attracting US$3.4 billion for June and nearly US$5.4 billion during Q2.

European ETFs saw a modest US$5 billion in net flows, bringing total ETF assets to US$532 billion as of June 2016 in the region. Asia collected US$8 billion of inflows mostly from the Equity Japan and Alt – Leveraged/Inverse ETFs.

DIAM ETF JPX/S&P CAPEX & Human Capital Index in Japan was the biggest ETF new launch in June, commanding US$361 million in net flows. The fund is one of four ETFs benchmarked to the JPX/S&P CAPEX & Human Capital Index which measures the performance of Japanese companies that are proactively making investments in physical and human capital.