Indigenous super on the agenda, sponsorship options available

The way Indigenous Australians manage their finances has come into the spotlight recently, with attempts to help correct poor financial decision-making and create some platforms to help circumvent poverty cycles. 

The Big Super Day Out

A day out for Indigenous people looking to get free help with their superannuation is coming to Melbourne, after the event being held in Redfern in late June for the third year running. The Big Super Day Out is happening in Melbourne on 8 October 2016 and will feature industry experts and entertainment. 

The event was first held in 2014, and the First Nations Foundation was awarded a 'highly commendable' rating under the Financial Literacy Australia Award. Cbus, NCIE, AustralianSuper and the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) are sponsors. 

The Big Super Day Out is looking for sponsors for future events in different cities. 

ASIC videos featuring Aunty B and Uncle Bob

Indigenous Australians have been the focus of several financial literacy campaigns this year, with ASIC also creating a series of videos designed to help consumers with key financial decisions, in particular high-pressure sales scenarios. These include car loans, consumer leases including those for home appliances, and managing store accounts. 

The videos feature Aunty B and Uncle Bob, who represent Indigenous elders guiding people through their decisions to try to circumvent poor financial decision-making that leads to increased poverty. 

See the videos at ASIC's MoneySmart website