The fund that learns and grows using artificial intelligence

An Australian global investment strategy business run by a data science professor uses artificial intelligence to predict market movements, learning and growing as it goes, with impressive results. 

TQS algorithms trade the daily price movement of highly liquid global indices using techniques that evolved from modelling of biological systems. The artificial intelligence that drives the fund continually grows and learns, allowing it to continually profit. 

The system was set up to get better financial outcomes by scanning markets and finding opportunities that a person on their own wouldn't find easily. 

The Taaffeite Quantitative Strategies Fund (TQSF) is run by Professor Desmond Lun, with an alliance made with Melbourne-based asset management company Giles Wade, run by Andrew Coloretti. 

Professor Lun is a data science expert with a PhD from MIT, and many other science-based successes under his belt. Professor Lun has applied his mathematical modelling of biological systems to his advanced trading platform to create a dynamic creature of maths and science, a creature that never sleeps. 

TQSF's Growth Fund has so far achieved returns of 30 per cent in 2016, backing up 85.3 per cent in 2015. The Flagship Fund has achieved returns of 19.5 per cent in 2016, backing up 42.6 in 2015. 

The platform is exclusively for high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors, who must apply for entry.