Roy Morgan: insurance brokers still faring poorly on trust scale

It's still sad but true - despite the efforts by the insurance industry, insurance brokers are still not trusted by the public.

A new Roy Morgan survey, Image of Professions, has put insurance brokers at number 27, only four places above car salesmen, who are considered the shadiest of the shady at number 30. People in advertising and real estate didn't fare too well either, coming in at number 29 and 28 respectively. Only 11 per cent of those surveyed said that insurance brokers were trustworthy.

Nurses are the most trusted professionals for the 22nd year in a row. Over 90 per cent of people voted nurses as the most trusted, with pharmacists and doctors coming in an equal second place. 

This result naturally upsets the insurance industry, since the survey doesn't seem to differentiate between the different forms of insurance, nor the different roles of those who actually sell insurance products, like financial advisers, who do in fact act as a broker in many product sales, but don't identify themselves as such.