Art investment platform launch

A new fin-art-tech startup launch is setting the stage for art investments, which have typically had two main pitfalls - a lack of confidence in art investing due to opaque markets and a lack of data, and missing trading principles in art, which lack regulatory standards. 

The very first Art Exchange SaaS Platform for banks, financial advisers and clients has been developed - the Artex500 Exchange - which is a real-time independent art trading and quotation system based on capital markets principles. 

The Artex500 was developed by ARTSTAQ as a global trading platform for art investors - quotes, ratings, trade and support are all in real time based on the ARTSTAQ Standard. 

ARTSTAQ is the Automated Rating and Trading Standard for Art Quotation, a framework to enhance art trading for both experienced and new art investors. 

Who can use it?

Galleries, dealers, curators, online providers and any other art professional can list their best artists on the exchange, for global investors, collectors and financial partners. Investors can manage their own portfolio, using tools such as ratings, storage systems, quality control processes, promotions, and exhibitions. 

Investing in art

Banks, family offices, financial advisers and other finance professionals open their own brokerage trading platforms via cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), to service their clients. Any other platform can also be used under the ARTSTAQ Exchange. 


ARTSTAQ has AREX (Art Rating Experts) - curators, art critics and experts - review and rate emerging and talented artists. This fosters the industry. 

The artists

Artists can be listed via the global chain of art partners, and gain access to investors, collectors, and financial partners. Artists gain access to global promotion and future exhibitions programs.