Monthly US fund highlights - February 2016

Net new investment to long-term mutual funds and ETFs totalled US$16.1 billion in February. Demand for index funds persisted, as passive stock and bond funds netted US$19.9 billion. Net outflows from active funds totalled US$3.9 billion during the month.

Equity funds attracted US$1.2 billion in February on US$4.7 billion of net inflows to International/Global products. Active International Equity mutual funds netted US$6 billion during the month, led by diversified ex-US equity funds. Large-capitalisation US stock strategies continued to drive aggregate net outflows from active US Equity funds. Among passive Equity products, high-inflow strategies during the month included diversified US Equity Growth & Income funds (+US$5.9 billion) and Gold ETFs (+US$5.2 billion).

Monthly net investment to Bond funds totalled US$14.9 billion. Taxable Bond funds netted US$9.5 billion, driven by $12.8 billion of net inflows to index funds. Top-inflow objectives in February included Corporate Intermediate Maturity (+US$6.5 billion), Corporate High Yield (+US$4.8 billion), and Corporate Bond General (+US$4.6 billion). Tax-Free products continued to steadily attract new investment totalling US$5.4 billion. 

Money-Market mutual fund net deposits totalled US$38.8 billion in February.