Mixed funds best dressed in 2015 - Global FlowWatch December 2015

Global FlowWatch - December 2015 Results

Globally, long-term mutual funds took in US$16 billion in net flows during December, with gains in Asia and Europe partly offset by outflows from the U.S. 2015 closed with an aggregate US$854 billion in net new money, about 20% lower than the prior year's result, as net flows weakened significantly during the second half of 2015.

Mixed funds saw the largest influx of investor money in 2015, attracting US$293 billion throughout the year. Equity programs followed with US$219 billion, while bond and 'other' investment vehicles (including multi-asset products in the absolute return and alternative investment space) added US$158 billion and US$183 billion, respectively.

At the regional level, Asia attracted the most new money with US$309 billion last year, leading the way for the first time since 2007. Investors in Europe deposited nearly US$400 billion of net flows through the past year, which was almost evenly split between cross-border and local European products. The U.S. took in US$94 billion in aggregate, as outflows from variable annuity products reduced net flows into mutual funds.