Australians financial security below pre-GFC levels

Australians are feeling financially stable, but under pre-GFC levels. In 2007, just over 61.2 per cent of Australians said they felt 'financially stable at the moment', which dropped to 56.5 per cent during the global financial crisis (GFC). In 2010, we reached our latest peak at 61.6 per cent feeling financially stable, however this January, 60.4 per cent of Australians feel this way.

Bank customers felt more stable by a whopping ten per cent compared with those who don't deal with banks. Macquarie customers felt the most financially stable, but this may be due to certain banks having higher numbers of wealthy customers - Macquarie, ING Direct, and Citibank all rated highly. The lowest ratings came from Bendigo Bank, CBA and Bank of Queensland. The big four banks were ranked from ANZ, then Westpac, then NAB. 

Roy Morgan's Single Source survey covers 50,000 Australians every year.