YTD global net contributions hit US$838bn in Nov '15

Global FlowWatch - November 2015 Results

Globally, long-term mutual funds took in US$17 billion in net flows during November, increasing aggregate year-to-date net contributions to US$838 billion.

All assets classes except bond funds garnered inflows through November. Mixed and ‘other’ products, which include alternative investments, guaranteed and real estate products, saw the largest influx of new money with US$15 billion each. Equity funds, the bestselling asset class in October, only took in a moderate US$2 billion in net new cash while bond products experienced US$15 billion in net redemptions in November.

At the regional level, Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) attracted US$12 billion or 73% of global net flows, followed by cross-border funds with US$8 billion during the month. Local Europe and Canada saw inflows of US$5 billion and US$4 billion, respectively. Meanwhile, Latin America, and the U.S. suffered a combined US$12.3 billion in net redemptions for the month.