Strong inflows - Global ETF FlowWatch - November 2015

ETFs worldwide continued to attract strong inflows in November totalling US$30 billion, following US$39 billion of net deposits in October. Equity products garnered net inflows of US$27 billion, while bond products only collected US$1 billion in net new cash for the month. Global ETF flows year-to- date through November reached US$319 billion, and ETF assets stood at almost US$3 trillion globally.

In the U.S., equity products attracted US$26 billion in net flows amid positive economic outlook, more than half of which came from large cap equity ETFs. Although bond ETFs suffered net outflows of US$340 million, commodity products contributed US$1.7 billion in net new money, bringing the overall U.S. ETF flows to US$27 billion during November.

European ETFs saw a moderate US$3 billion in net flows, a decrease of over 50% in net deposit compared to October. Asia suffered net redemptions of US$2 billion mostly from Japan, as the bottom three products were all Japanese products tracking Nikkei 225 index, collectively experiencing US$2.4 billion of net redemptions for the month.

Capital SZSE SME Price Index Exchange Traded Fund domiciled in Taiwan was the biggest ETF new launch in November, attracting US$88 million in net flows. It was the first Taiwan-listed ETF tracking Mainland China’s small-to-medium-size (SME) companies. The fund joins other 10 ETFs tracking Mainland China stock markets available on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE).