ETF inflows US$32bn - Global ETF FlowWatch - September 2016 Results

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Worldwide ETFs pulled in US$32 billion in net flows in September 2016, netting nearly US$250 billion of inflows during the past three quarters amid continued expansion of global stock markets. Equity ETFs led with US$19 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold products) ETFs garnering US$9 billion and US$4 billion, respectively. ETF assets continued to grow to almost US$3.4 trillion globally.

In the U.S, equity ETFs gathered US$9 billion of net flows, and bond products also accumulated US$7 billion in net new cash. On the category level, Equity US - Large Cap, Equity US - Mid/Small cap and Bond USD each attracted around US$4 billion in net flows for the month.

ETFs in Asia recorded US$11 billion of net flows, mainly driven by Equity Japan with nearly US$10 billion of inflows, most of which were purchased by Bank of Japan and other institutional investors. ETFs in Europe saw approximately US$4 billion in net new cash split evenly among equity, bond and commodity products.

Money Market ETFs based in China were the biggest ETF new launches in September. HuaAn Daily Money Market ETF Fund H, DaCheng TianYi Money Market ETF Fund E, and Essence Margin Money Market ETF Fund collectively raised US$1.1 billion in net new money.